Rovio has Just Announced Angry Birds 2

The original Angry Birds is getting a sequel, developer and publisher Rovio has announced today. If you’re confused however, considering the sheer amount of Angry Birds titles available, you’re not alone.

In total, there are over 15 Angry Birds games, from the original Angry Birds, to the kart racer, Angry Birds GO, to the Puzzle Bobble Style Angry Birds Stella POP, to tie-in titles such as Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds RIO, and more. So it comes as a bit of a confusing surprise that Rovio are like, “Hey, remember the first game? Here’s a sequel!”

The full-reveal of Angry Birds 2 will take place at a special event on July 27, and made available two days later on July 30. It’s apparently, “bigger, badder and birdier” than the first, according to Rovio.

So, if you haven’t already had enough of Angry Birds and its various incarnations, then look forward to July 30.

With over 3 billion downloads under its belt and a CG animated movie due to be released next year, you can be sure that even more Angry Birds is on the way. Oh and don’t forget the Angry Birds LEGO.

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