Rust Introduces Unchangeable Gender Allocation, Some Players Aren’t Happy

When the developers of Rust revealed that players’ penis size within the game was down to their Steam ID’s players didn’t really bat an eye. Now the developer has announced that when Female characters come into the game, and gender allocation will also be based on Steam ID’s, players are for some reason a little divided.

It seems the developers of Rust, the fairly zainy survival game where players begin butt naked (and some remain as such), are enjoying playing God. First it’s down to the size of players unmentionables, as well as skin colour, facial features, and what not, now it’s down to whether their character is male or female.

This has resulted in some pretty hilarious character generations which over time have improved as the game is updated. Unfortunately it seems now that players are automatically told whether they’re male or female, some aren’t too chuffed with the change..

Aside from the vitriolic backlash Newman and the team have received, there has also been an influx of positivity, adding that in real life you don’t get to choose these features before you’re born, so why are people’s feathers ruffled about this news?

Either way, whether you like it or not, if you play Rust, your character is created based on your Steam ID which could result in you, a skinny white guy, becoming a fat black woman in the game, forever.

To read more into it, this Kotaku post dives head first into the issue which has some pretty interesting comments from Newman. Check it out.


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