This is actually fairly old news, but just in case anyone out there didn’t know – Fans of bonkers sandbox crime action are now able to get their fix with barely any strings attached, as Volition’s Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package are both available DRM-free from

If you’d like my thoughts – those who’re still on the fence about trying Saints Row: The Third should totally go for it.

However, those like me who enjoyed Saints Row 2 a bit more still aren’t in for a good time – if the majority of the user reviews are anything to go by, despite GOG’s magic fingers for getting older games to work on modern operating systems the SR2 PC port is still as dreadful as it always was, which is a real shame.

For those who still take the plunge, the Gentlemen of the Row modpack is pretty much necessary in order to get the game and the port into any sort of working order, and in my experience (with the Steam version) even then it might not work properly.

The modpack adds a gigantic amount of new clothing items, weapons, missions, etcetera as well though, so it’s a great addition in any case.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to play the earlier games in the Saints Row series, particularly The Third, this is a superb time to give them a go. If you want to try Saints Row 2 though, you’re probably better off getting it on console.

Volition, I’m just saying, if you brought out Saints Row 2: Remastered Edition with an actually good PC port (some kind of built-in mod support would be absolutely incredible too!) I’d chuck so much money your way. Just throwing that out there!

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