Earlier this week the Internet was awash with reports that Siri had a secret security feature, or a bug, that when the user asked it to “charge my phone to 100%”, Apple’s smart assistant would begin calling 911.

It seemed like a great, albeit now-over-publicised feature that could help someone in trouble call the emergency services. Unfortunately it seems to have just been an odd but unwanted bug in Siri’s coding.

According to CNBC, if you attempt to ask Siri to charge your phone today, depending on the OS version you have installed, you’ll now be met with the replies: “I can’t do that for you. My apologies,” or “Surprisingly, that is not within my capabilities.”

Since the reports on Thursday, Apple has yet to make any formal announcement as to whether this was an accidental bug or a hidden feature that’s now become a little too popular. Though the amount of silly and impossible things people ask Siri to do on a daily basis, if Apple has changed the secret phrase, it won’t be too long before its discovered once again.


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