Skylanders Superchargers Gets a Dark Edition

Prepare to be confused when it comes to purchasing your Starter Set for Skylanders Superchargers as Activision has announced a brand new edition of the game which brings unique “Dark” characters to the game.

Activision has revealed the new Skylanders Superchargers at San Diego Comic Con this week, where attendees will be among the first to play the game with the new Dark version of the game’s starter pack characters.

For fans of the Skylanders / Amiibo crossover, you’ll be able to grab two new versions of Bowser and Donkey Kong as Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition brings Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and Dark Turbo Charged Donkey Kong to the game. Confused yet? I know I am.

Now here’s the further-confusing part, A series of Dark Starter Packs will launch, the first being the one for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, that’ll include Dark Super Shot Stealth Elf and Dark Sea Shadow, the second which is coming to Wii U will come with Dark Turbo Charge Donkey King and Dark Barrel Blaster, exclusively, Finally the Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and Dark Clown Cruiser will be made available on the Nintendo Wii, complete with a unique adventure.

The Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition Starter Packs will be available exclusively at GAME in the UK.

Skylanders Superchargers Gets a Dark Edition - n3rdabl3

Also at Comic-Con the Skylanders celebrations don’t stop there as the show will also include a first-look at the highly collectable figures from the all-new Eon’s Elite lineup offering ultimate versions of some of the more iconic heroes from the game that started it all, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure.

According to Activision, each of these Eon’s Elite characters will be powered up to three times the normal level and updated with premium decorations, new poses, and unique sculpts that represent how they appear in their fully upgraded form. This year’s fan-favourite roster includes Voodood, Zook, Slam Bam, Ghost Roaster, Boomer and Dino-Rang.

Skylanders Superchargers launches on September 20.Skylanders Superchargers Gets a Dark Edition - n3rdabl3