How Skynet Could do Terminator Better

Don’t worry guys, I’m here to solve all the issues with the Terminator Franchise. I haven’t seen Terminator Genisys yet, but I’ve researched the fairly confusing plot. So I’ve decided Skynet, I’m here to sort this nonsense out.

Instead of trying to knock off John Connor or Sarah Connor in the 90s or the 80s and creating so many convoluted time travel and continuity headaches, it’s simple: go kill Sarah Connor’s parents, but how would Skynet go about this?

Easy, since you failed to knock her off in the first movie and now she knows your coming, go after her parents, they’re unaware. Movie producers, it’s simple, set it between the first and the second movie or as a prequel to the first one.

Since, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the lure for these movies, why not cast him as Sarah Connor’s dad? Maybe after Skynet’s failed attempt to bump of her parents, they based the Terminator’s appearance off of him, just to mess with her. Maybe that moves fails, since she never met her dad, and they have no photos of him.

How could you make your plan more fool proof? Send more than one Terminator. Maybe, the parents didn’t realise what The Terminators are, so they don’t tell Sarah and just think they’re just the victims of some psychos.

How Skynet Could do Terminator Better - n3rdabl3

If they screw that up, go back further. Try killing her grandparents or just make up an excuse to do a Western cowboy Terminator movie, imagine that one? “I’ll be back, y’here!”

Or, since these blockbusters and franchises are being aimed at foreign markets, do a remake in a different country, with a production company from said country. I mean, a Japanese Terminator would be cool right?

While we’re all about established franchises, how about we adapt the Robocop vs. Terminator comic, or have a new Terminator and Robocop vs. the old Robocop and Terminator.

The one key for a good Terminator movie? It’s really simple, keep the time travel stuff really simple. Think about it, the first two are so well liked because the time travel stuff is simple and easy to understand. It then explains everything else that’s wrong with the franchise.

I could be wrong though, I might like the new one.