If you’re a musician Marshall is a pretty familiar name that you’d likely associate with guitar and bass amplifiers. What you wouldn’t tie to one of the longest living names in the music biz, is smartphones. But out of nowhere Marshall has unveiled the London, a smartphone with musicians in mind.

The Marshall London actually comes from Marshall Headphones, a branch of the popular music hardware creator which specialises in, you guessed it, headphones.

The London has two front facing speakers, a la HTC, and two audio outputs, which is pretty unique and allows for two people to listen to music at once. It also has a dedicated “M” button which gives users instant access to music. There’s also a dedicated volume wheel with a nice gold accent to round off the phone. To complete the package, the London also comes with a pair of Marshall Mode in-ear headphones.


Specification wise, Marshall is touting some impressive high-quality audio processing in the smartphone with the Wolfson WM8281 Audio Hub that offers a separate sound card for audio processing, it also allows support for FLAC files. The handset itself boasts a 4.7-inch, 720p display, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and an 8-megapixel snapper. With a fairly small 2,500mAh battery, it can be replaced, which is a plus. There’s also a microSD slot for additional storage, which you’d likely need too with the fairly meagre 16GB internal memory.

The London is set to be available in 22 countries worldwide. Pre ordering available from July 16th for delivery in late August, middle of September depending on country, it’s also priced at £399.


Now, for tech nerds, it’s a pretty decent low-to-mid-range handset. For audiophiles on the other hand, it’s a pretty decent device for listening to music.

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