Sony Announced Crowdfunding Platform, First Flight

Announced earlier today, First Flight is said to provide an extensive suite of services from crowdfunding to e-commerce for products created by Sony employees. The crowdfunding side of First Flight will work just as you would expect as any other crowdfunding platform with successful project receiving assistance with e-commerce and more.

Speaking on their global blog Sony commented that “Through the First Flight platform, Sony will support the launch and growth of new business ventures,” Continuing with “the platform will give nascent projects the opportunity to ascertain the actual needs of the market; realize a co-creation model of product development and improvement through direct dialogue with customers; and ensure timely sales operations that are also optimal for their business size.”

First Flight is at the root of the idea a method for Sony to market and fund new ideas. It is the same as Kickstarter but with a bit more of a serious backing behind it. Regardless though, you can bet that each project that goes up on First Flight would have been through some rather extensive review by Sony.

“At Sony we will continue to explore ways of delivering new, emotionally compelling experiences and enhanced customer value.” Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO, Sony Corporation commented when speaking about First Flight.

You might recall how recently Sony, well PlayStation, announced during E3 a Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 which at time of writing is sitting at around $3.7 million. So for Sony to continue with crowdfunding is not really a surprise. Currently First Flight is a Japan only platform with only a few products up on the site include an e-paper watch. If all goes well however we can only hope that it gets opened up here in the west so we to can show support for interesting products.

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This is quite a good idea to be honest. The only issue that I can see with this kind of thing is that some tech that pushes forward completely new ideas might not get the funding because ‘people’ don’t understand or are not prepared to help this kind of tech. I hope that makes sense.

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