Stream your Extreme Day with your GoPro on Meerkat

GoPro videos are fantastic once they’ve been edited and uploaded to YouTube, but what about that five minutes you contemplated jumping into the deep? What about the several failed attempts at that awesome flip? They just end up in the bin. But that’s all about to change.

Meerkat is hoping to be your mobile video streaming app of choice as today it introduced a new option allowing users to live-stream video straight from a connected GoPro camera. That’s right, you can finally include all of those failed attempts at that awesome stunt live on the Internet for all to see.

Meerkat users can now connect a GoPro to their iPhones as normal, but then open the Meerkat app, shake their phone to kick start a prompt to start streaming from the connected device.

Then, strap the GoPro on, and jump off that cliff. Providing you have a parachute or wingsuit, of course. It’d be silly to just jump.

This fantastic new feature is currently only available on iOS with a GoPro 3, but Meerkat says that GoPro 4 compatibility and an Android update is in the works.


Take that, Periscope.