Summer Games Done Quick has Begun!

Ever wanted to watch a group of people trying to tackle as many games as quick as they can from now until the start of August? Well there’s good news, you! Summer Games Done Quick is back and they’re well underway running as fast as they can through a series of new and classic titles.

Games Done Quick is the annual speed-running marathon in which fast fingered gamers perform some of the fastest playthroughs you’ve ever seen all in aid of charity. Viewers donate to the cause in order to challenge participants to try and speed-run through various different titles.

Summer Games Done Quick is currently well underway with a total of $105,564 at the time of writing and they’re currently blasting their way through Stranglehold, which is incredibly funny considering.

The event started yesterday and will run from then until August 1. You can head to the Twitch page here to check it out. All donations are sent directly to Doctors without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), who assist those most in need of medical care.

Read more about the cause here.