Super Smash Bros update landing July 31st

Looks like it is time to dust off Super Smash Bros., or if you’re still playing it; time to take a quick break to update, because on July 31st there is a new content update incoming which is set to include the much hyped Tourney mode.

Tourney mode will be divided into two different categories, Community Tourneys and Regular Tourneys. The Community Tourneys will allows players to complete for the highest points within a set amount of time with Regular Tourneys having more detailed rules, and only happening at certain times. The next big feature within the update is going to be YouTube uploads which will of course allow you to upload direct to YouTube using your Google account to share those epic matches. These two features look to be exclusive to the Wii U and will be included for free as part of the July 31st update.

3DS owners of Super Smash Bros will have access to the new states and costumes as part of a paid DLC package also available on the Wii U. The new stages are the Nintendo 64 Smash Bros levels, Princess Peach’s Castle, and Hyrule Castle. As for the new costumes it looks like there will be a King K. Rool one and a Fire Emblem Chrom one as well. Some additional costumes have also been shown off as part of the update. You can get a look at some of the new content below in the form of tweets as shared by the Smash Bros Japanese twitter account.

With the Wii U version get more in the ways of content from this update it makes you think a bit about the gap with the two versions. Remember as well that the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros shipped with Smash Tour whereas the 3DS version shipped with Smash Run. With the Tourney update lacking for the 3DS version it raise questions about how much more content there will be for said version.

Only two days until the update hits and it will be time to deal out the hurt once again in Super Smash Bros.