Terraria 1.3 Patch Goes Live

Get ready to dig deep for treasures and beasts once again as Terraria, Re-Logic’s brilliant 2D crafting/building/looting/exploration platformer has just had a new patch, bringing a cornucopia of new content and tweaks to the four-year old title, including but by no means limited to:

  • Over 800 new items
  • A lot of new banners
  • A new biome
  • Tweaked and improved visuals and effects
  • New minibosses for the Goblin and Pirate Invasion events
  • An all-new “Slime Rain” event
  • Ability to join multiplayer games through Steam, as opposed to direct IP connection
  • New character customization options
  • The location of a player’s death is now shown on the map, making retrieving one’s things easier
  • Expert mode can now be toggled from the World Creation menu
  • Boss AI will be different in Expert mode
  • Bosses might drop Expert-mode exclusive loot, rewarding players who take up the challenge
  • Improved AI on Town NPCs
  • A bunch of quality-of-life updates – bigger stacks, improved details, etc.
  • Tweaks to existing crafting recipes and new recipes to craft blocks both new and old
  • Much more

Re-Logic were quick to state that what’s listed on their forum isn’t a full changelog by any means – in their own words, “it’s a game about exploring – go explore!”

If you’ve been looking to revisit Terraria or just after something to scratch that mining-crafting itch, now’s the time to take the plunge!

Terraria is available on Steam.

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