Tesco to Make Self-Checkouts Friendlier
Image Source: The Guardian

For socially awkward people such as myself, Self Checkout’s are probably the best invention to be thrown into supermarkets since sliced bread. The only issue is, they often bark at you about unexpected items when all you did was fart near the bagging area. Thankfully Tesco hopes to change that by introducing a much more friendlier checkout voice to their Self Checkout terminals.

We’ve all been frustrated by Self Checkouts, whether it’s because the scales didn’t recognise the wafer thin packet of crisps you’ve just placed in your bag, or whether the item isn’t recognised at all. More often than not though, you’ve heard the phrase “unexpected item in bagging area”, a phrase which sends a wash of panic over you as you realise you’ll have to interact with someone, someone who meticulously rifles through your packed bags to ensure you haven’t tried to smuggle a pack of chocolate fingers behind the loo roll.

It’s an unnecessary panic that many people are apparently experiencing with Tesco’s Self Checkout terminals, and the harsh authoritative voice doesn’t help that matter either, that’s why come October, Tesco are changing how the Self Checkout talks to you with a completely new voice, and a completely new set of phrases.

“The new voice uses softer phrases and is more customer-friendly. As well as changing ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ six unhelpful phrases including ‘please take your items’ have been removed and ‘Thank you for shopping at Tesco’ has been added,” says Tesco in a press release.

So now, when you head out in your pyjamas at 1am to get that much-needed birthday cake that you plan to eat all by yourself, you’ll no longer bring attention to yourself when the Checkout refuses to recognise that pack of gum you’ve placed on top.

Check the quick video below to hear what the new voice sounds like compared to the old one. Though to me it feels a little too casual.

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