Hello and welcome back, for the last time, to That’s How We Roll.

Hello everyone! I have some important news that will probably make you all groan. Sorry. It just can’t be helped.

So.. You know we spent the last couple months moving all of our episodes here to n3? Yeah, about that…

Basically. I’ve been an editor here for a while and it made sense to move the podcast under the welcoming reaches of this glorious nerdy, techy site, I decided recently to pack it in and tip my hat in farewell. There was no drama! Far from it in fact. The issue was simple, I now have graduated from university and have been exceptionally lucky to land myself in a full time job. The only problem is that it left me with very little to do in terms of the free time that I had left to spend writing and editing content for n3, as well as all the other bits and bobs I have going on in my life.

There was discussion between the podcast team, myself and head honcho Aaron to figure out what we ought to do regarding the podcast and in the end the decision was pretty unanimous. It simply isn’t fair if we were to continue to eat up n3’s delicious bandwidth, especially as I’m not even a team member anymore and neither is anyone on the podcast. So.. We’re going back to Podbean.

So no more That’s How We Roll under the n3rdabl3 podcast, we will once again be a solo channel called ‘That’s How We Roll Podcast’ and we will be available on iTunes and Podbean. We’re also discussing starting a Youtube channel, if anyone prefers to do their podcast listening there.

I’m incredibly sorry that I’ve made you who have stuck with us from the start jump around, it’s certainly not my intention to have done that. But now I feel confident that what we’re doing is definitely right. I can afford for us to have a good subscription on Podbean and make sure that the podcast sounds as good as it possibly can and I feel having our own separate channel with its separate tags and theme is also a better option for us in terms of branding. Marketing’s important, yo.

Anyway, here’s my huge thank you to n3 to hosting us for that brief period of time, for a wonderful work environment with a fantastic team and also a sorry to our listeners who’re likely real tired of my shit and how I’ve been treating the podcast. This is the final change, I promise.

If you’d be so kind as to check out our Podbean, you’ll find that I’ll be uploading the podcasts that unfortunately were missed out on n3’s iTunes due to a technical fault and find them all on the That’s How We Roll Podcast on iTunes.

Thank you once again n3, you’ve been a wonderful host and we’ll miss you <3

Lots of love,

Becca (Lupo)



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