The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta is Exclusive for 5 Days

At E3 this year Sony and Activision announced that Sony would now have the exclusive deal with Call of Duty which would see DLC and a few other things land on PlayStation first. The first thing to do so is the game’s multiplayer beta.

For those on Xbox consoles however, you’ve probably been wondering just how long PlayStation players would have their hands on the beta for, and now we have a more definitive time scale: 5 Days.

When the Multiplayer Beta launches on PlayStation 4 on August 19, it’ll be exclusive to that console for just 5 days and then it’ll launch on Xbox One. That doesn’t seem all that bad after all, as I’m sure many were hoping Activision didn’t do a Destiny with Call of Duty.

This is of course according to some promotional items offered to players at Comic-con who took part in the “Zombies Escape Room Challenge”. They were awarded PlayStation Plus vouchers and on that voucher was the date of the beta and the time period in which PlayStation players will have it for.

Activision or Treyarch hasn’t revealed when the beta will end overall, but it’ll begin on August 19 for PlayStation players and August 23 or 24 for everyone else.

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