Survive Being Ridiculously Outnumbered in The Dwarves

Today King Art Games has announced a brand new tactical RPG coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2016 titled, The Dwarves, based on the best-selling fantasy novel of the same name, and sees the players take on swarms of enemies found in the game’s gorgeous environments.

The Dwarves features a unique Crowd-Combat System that forms the core of the game, seeing crowds of enemies flock and overwhelm the player as well as being influenced by physics. Fortunately players have the strength and weaponry to push through the crowd with the enemies reacting to their surroundings.

If the player is to slam down their mighty war hammer, the force will push enemies back, causing a domino effect that could push some off the edge of the world into the abyss. It’s this mechanic that’ll have players using the environment to their advantage in the upcoming RPG.

The Dwarves is developed by established German studio King Art Games, the creative force behind The Book of Unwritten Tales-Series, Battle Worlds: Kronos, The Raven and many more.

Players take on the role of dwarf Tungdil, who was raised by humans and over the course of the adventure gathers a group of 12 adventurers around him, each with their own unique backstory and skills.

Before battle, players assemble a team of up to four characters who’ll each fight against hundreds of swarming enemies in the world map of Girdlegard which contains dozens of battlefields among other interesting nooks and crannies.

The game is expected to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2016. If you’re attending Gamecom, head on over to the Entertainment area Booth A60, Hall 10.1 to check the game out for yourself.

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