Activision Blizzard has announced a brand new expansion coming to the popular collectible card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, this week that’ll make the game’s Hero Power much more interesting.

It’s entitled The Grand Tournament and will add an additional 132 cards to the game as well as a brand new keyword: Inspire. This keyword means that when players see a flag on a minion, it means it has a power that activates every time you use your Hero Power. One notable example is the new Lowly Squire card which gains +1 attack each time your Hero Power is used.

What this essentially means is that players Hero Powers become a much bigger part of the game’s strategy rather than just a way to use your last few mana. It also allows for minions which have much smaller attacks, to become much, much stronger.

The expansion is set to launch this August for all platforms. Players can pre-purchase The Grand Tournament starter pack that’ll bag them 50 card packs for £34.99, or £39.99 for iOS, up until release (usually this price only nets you 40 card packs). It’ll also bag you an exclusive new card back too.

The Grand Tournament is the Latest Hearthstone Expansion - n3rdabl3

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