This Hori Keyboard and Mouse Works with your PS4

Although Microsoft is still working on getting Keyboard and Mice to work officially with the Xbox One for when Windows 10 streaming comes to the console, PlayStation 4 players can will soon be able to awkwardly perch a keyboard and mouse on their laps with the the Tactical Assault Commander 4.

Hori, the creators of the the Tactical Assault Commander 3 for the PlayStation 3, is almost ready to launch the the Tactical Assault Commander 4 a micro-keybord and mouse that’ll work with Sony’s latest-gen console.

The pad itself, or keyboard, or half-keypad-board, whatever you want to call it, comes with 18 buttons, or keys, including a dedicated PlayStation Button, walk, share, options, quick, and snipe buttons, and switches for multiple profiles.

Four buttons, laid out like a WASD on a keyboard are presumably used for movement and strafe, with the accompanying mouse being used to look around. There’s also a series of lights on the pad that indicate the programming of the pad.

The mouse itself is pretty standard, it comes with your standard buttons as well as four programmable buttons and two DPI selection buttons, as well as a mouse wheel.

The set is coming to the UK on October 9, 2015, and will cost you £86.35 from Amazon. The only thing missing is some sort of pad to make this actually usable on a sofa, something I can see right now being a fairly big issue.

This Hori Keyboard and Mouse Works with your PS4 - n3rdabl3 This Hori Keyboard and Mouse Works with your PS4 - n3rdabl3