This Summer the Major Commercial Airline, United Airlines, Will Be Animal Poop Powered

Continuing our coverage of poop-powered transport, United Airlines will be powering their planes with fuel made from farm animal poop and fats. The first flight will be a short one from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but from then it’ll be two weeks of four or five flights per day, with the plane using 30% biofuel produced by AltAir Fuels, a California-based company that y’know, produce alternative aeroplane fuel.

United also announced a $30 million investment in Fulcrum BioEnergy, who are among the top creators of aviation biofuels. United plans to utilise biofuels in more than just this one plane, eventually integrating it into their entire fleet.

Here’s the genius part though. Since these biofuels are made from waste and fats, and these have already been exposed to the atmosphere and have absorbed plenty of carbon, burning them doesn’t add extra carbon to the air, reducing the carbon footprint of a flight.

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