No everyone, Thunderbirds 1965 isn’t a new Thunderbird, you haven’t missed the new 1959 new Thunderbird vehicles, and don’t worry parents, your bank accounts will remain safe.

So, if you didn’t enjoy the new Thunderbirds series that recently aired and has finished for a few months, like this Wikipedia editor.

Or maybe you missed the classic puppet series, you’re in luck! Thunderbirds 1965 is a new Kickstarter project lead by Stephen La Rivière, the man behind the ‘Filmed in Supermarionation’ documentary, which took a behind the scenes look at the production of Gerry Anderson puppet shows and the puppeting technique Supermarionation.

Stephen La Rivière says: “For Filmed In Supermarionation, we shot new sequences with the puppets using the old fashioned techniques. Whilst many of the methods used seem a little archaic and time-consuming by today’s standards, we thought that it would be very special to do a one-off project bringing Thunderbirds back to life 1960s style.”

How will they do that? Well along side the 32 episode long run and the two feature films, three audio episodes were produced. The goal of the project is use said audio and all the props and skills they learnt from the Supermarionation documentary, to record one episode. The other two are a maybe, based on how much they raise.

With of course, the blessing of ITV, Sylvia Anderson and the Estate of the late Gerry Anderson. It’s all perfect timing of course, with the 50th Aniversary of the franchise coming up in September.

“Recreating the 1960s version of Thunderbirds like this is a great idea. What better way to celebrate half a century? I know that Stephen and his team will produce an episode that will look like something we would have made. FAB!” says Sylvia Anderson.

Though it has to be remembered, how scary Captain Scarlet was, one of the other productions of Gerry Anderson.

To donate to their £75,000 goal, click here.


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Mark Newman
Mark Newman

This a great idea which I have supported. It has to be better than the dreadful reboot.