Time Clickers

Has your free time ever been remorselessly sucked away by Ortiel’s simple yet ridiculously additive Cookie Clicker? Do you also happen to like FPS games? Developers Proton Studios Inc. just so happen to have the perfect game for you.

Time Clickers is a completely free “clicker” game currently available on Steam. It functions much in the same way as a game like Cookie Clicker, however instead of a mouse cursor you have a gun, with a number of different backdrops and “enemy” block structures to keep things interesting.

In the fashion of its inspiration, you start off by shooting a few blocks. Each block takes about three shots to kill, and each one you take out gives you a point. Eventually you earn enough points to level up your gun to do more damage. Then you earn enough points to hire a Pulse Pistol to shoot some blocks for you.

Before you know it, you’re raining down numerous types of heavy gunfire whilst clicking madly on the various blocks that form the game’s bosses encounters, in which you must destroy a creature or pixel art piece made of blocks with various strengths before a timer runs out, then do the whole thing again with a bunch of fresh points in your pocket and even stronger “enemies”.

It’s insanely addictive in the same way as Cookie Clicker – do I wait until I’ve generated enough resources for that big new weapon or just upgrade what I’ve already got?

If you’re looking for something that’ll completely sink your time away whilst providing something a little different, Time Clickers might be just what you’re looking for.

Time Clickers is currently available on Steam.

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