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Today’s Google Doodle is a pretty exciting one for those of us who are fans of movies like Godzilla and Pacific Rim or shows like Power Rangers. Media which portrays gigantic monsters destroying cities, waging war over Earth, or facing-off against an equally huge hero who’s either a giant human, or a human-powered robot. These Tokusatsu, as they’re called, were created by many, including today’s Google Doodle spotlight, Eiji Tsuburaya.

Eiji Tsuburaya would have turned 114 today and is known as one of the kings of Tokusatsu. He’s the creator of Ultraman and co-created Godzilla. He’s also responsible for bringing Tokusatsu to the cinematic mainstream too, and today’s Google Doodle is inspired by the creative process behind this iconic genre.

Doodler Jennifer Hom, who created today’s doodle told Google in their blog post:

Director Eiji Tsuburaya is best known for the famous characters he brought to life, like Ultraman. After many years in the ‘monster business,’ he set up his own practical effects studio, Tsuburaya Productions, which we were lucky enough to visit for this project! Having grown up as a film fan, I’ve always had a deep love for Tokusatsu, so I was eager to find a way to bring attention to Tsuburaya’s art. It’s fascinating to me how long-lasting the results of his work has been – it’s easy to see remnants of the Tokusatsu style in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, Evangelion, and even the Power Rangers.

The post, which you can find here, has some other interesting tidbits about Hom’s trip to Tsuburaya Productions, and how today’s Google Doodle was created. If you want to try out the doodle for yourself, head on over to the Google search engine!

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