With the release of Godzilla: The Game, I felt like it was time to round up the cream of the crop – the best monsters in Godzilla games, with a bit of their backstory from the full Godzilla canon. And so, in no particular order;


The man- I mean, the monster, the myth, the mighty Godzilla.

Ok yeah, it’s a bit of a cop-out, but honestly Godzilla is by far one of the coolest Kaiju from his series. Born an ordinary Godzillasaurus then exposed to severe radiation, he became the monster we know today, and he just keeps getting stronger and evolving. Utilising his crazy powerful atomic breath and power tail, he wipes the floor with the majority of opposing kaiju and mechs. Despite his stubborn attitude (hey, monsters are allowed to be stubborn) and total disregard for human life/civilisation as we know it, Godzilla makes a mean ally in a monster fight.


Who crowned this guy? It’s the three headed royalty, King Ghidorah.

King Ghidorah is a monstrous take on the classic Hydra mythical creature. King Ghidorah was originally three individual Dorat creatures that got hit by the same radiation that transformed Godzillasaurus into Godzilla, fusing them together and becoming the King we know today. King Ghidorah’s powers include flight, gravity beams from his three mouths and creating hurricanes with his massive wings. A truly messed up force of a nature that has been in close fights with Godzilla since their first meetings. This guy was my favourite in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters my reasoning being triple heads, triple power.


Though he isn’t actually a Jaguar, Jet Jaguar.

Jet Jaguar is a mech designed to capitalise on the popularity of anime superheroes and robots in Japan. After gaining sentience, Jet Jaguar realised he could rewrite his own code. He’s pretty much a superhero in the Godzilla universe, saving children and fighting evil monsters with his most unique ability – he can change his size and shape at will. If that wasn’t enough, he can fire beams out of his arms. Jet Jaguar is an underrated classic in my opinion, and hasn’t been seen in a game released in EU since 2007’s Godzilla: Unleashed.


How do you improve on perfection? Mecha Godzilla.

Alright this is where we get real. Godzilla is powerful and all, but his big brobot Mecha Godzilla? Insanely powerful. Optical lasers, forcefields, rocket flight, missiles and metal body for powerful melee hits. There’s been multiple iterations of Mecha Godzilla and he just keeps coming back for more – Mecha Godzilla 1, Mecha Godzilla 2, Type-3 Kiryu and Type-3 Kiryu Custom. The Kiryu iteration packs even more firepower with missile launchers on his shoulders and a mechanical tail similar to Godzilla’s organic one..


First he had scythe hands, now he has drill hands! It’s gotta be Gigan.

Last but by no means least, Gigan is one of the craziest monsters created. His main strengths are the circular saw on his front abdominal region and two large scythe/hook hands that eventually were modified to become the chainsaw-hands we usually see today. His other powers include interstellar flight achieving insanely high speeds of Mach 400, by encasing himself in a diamond, and his more game-exclusive ability of teleportation. Let’s not forget the rarely seen powers too, such as his huge beam laser that bursts from his forehead and the flame launcher in his mouth from Godzilla: Battle Legends and the Godzilla arcade game. In the games, Modified Gigan has also been known to use the blade on his head to charge at opponents.


Back in the Gamecube era of gaming a friend and I used to constantly brawl in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters, but will Godzilla: The Game capture the essence of its predecessors and improve? Check out our review right here. Godzilla: The Game releases July 17 in the UK.


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