Another big trailer reveal happened at San Diego Comic Con this weekend: season six of The Walking Dead!  The events of the end of season five had things getting really real between Rick, his people, and the townsfolk of Alexandria.  Morgan finally turns up, and he is pretty shocked by what he sees.  The new trailer gives plenty of brain fodder (no pun intended) to hopefully tide us over until the show is back in early October.  I won’t post any spoilers, you can choose whether to watch it or not!  Suffice to say, Rick’s leadership is in question and alliances look very unsteady.  With luck you’ll be able to see this video, because I had a lot of trouble finding one that wasn’t geoblocked, gah!

And you may also remember earlier in the year, a new spin-off series was announced.  The trailer’s world premiere also took place at Comic Con, and here it is.  Feast your eyeballs on Fear the Walking Dead, a prequel to the events of the main show, detailing how the outbreak began and the initial reactions to it (it reminds me of the opening sequence of The Last of Us!) – again sorry about it not being an official AMC channel, dat geoblocking :/  The show airs on 23 August!

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