Twitch Streaming Comes to Sony Mobiles

Have you been keen to show off your sick scores on Candy Crush Saga or just how fantastic you are at Asphault? Well if you own one of two Sony handsets that are currently available, you could do just that by streaming your gameplay on the popular game streaming site, Twitch.

Sony and Twitch have announced today that those who own an Xperia Z3+ or an Xperia Z4 can start broadcasting live gameplay of any game they can get on their phone on Twitch. It’ll also work on the upcoming Xperia Z4v when it launches later this year. This is the first time that Twitch streaming has come to mobile without being tied specifically to a game that’s had streaming functionalities built into it.

If you’re hoping that the feature will soon come to your Android device, then you might be hoping for some time as Sony has developed this functionality specifically for its devices as part of a partnership with Twitch.

This functionality is very much similar to the Twitch streaming functionality built into the Nvidia Shield tablet whose app allows you to select and broadcast video from any game running on the device. But this however is limited, again, to the Shield tablet.


With native streaming functionality yet to come as part of iOS or Android, it may be some time before you’re streaming the latest match-three puzzler from King on your Twitch channel, but we can only hope, right?

This announcement comes soon after Sony Mobile CEO revealed that they’d never sell or close the smartphone business and will get back into the black with future technologies that appeal to users. Is this the result of that?

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