This week, Marvel released a 64-page preview, plus ads, for the upcoming series for the reboot device Secret Wars, a big story event which shows how the whole continuity reboot will come about.

These previews came in the format of a front cover of an issue 1 of the new series, accompanied with a cryptic tagline.

Frankly, I’m excited for the Spider-man one. Peter Parker has become a billionaire and travels the world whilst as his alter-ego Spider-man, he’ll have teched up suit and a Spider-mobile. How will they differentiate money bags Parker from Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? Well, we’ll just have to read it and find out.

What else am I excited for? Web-Warriors, the heroes of the Spider-Verse have their own book. Sounds good. Who is the new Ironman? I’d be sure interested to find out.

What didn’t I like? Well, we’ve got a missing Marvel staple. The Fantastic Four. The so-called First Family of Marvel don’t have their own title. Should I be worried?

At least Marvel have not made the mistakes of DC’s New 52 reboot and have launched series based on old characters and concepts which have never kept an ongoing book alive. However it is logical some of these new titles will be culled.

Though still, it’s a little strange to leave a marketing staple back in the stable, right? I know there have been a lot of rumours of how The Fantastic Four have been muted because of the rumoured relationship between Marvel and Fox (who currently own the rights to The Fantastic Four). But end of the day, they are a staple of Marvel, like Superman is to DC. Not always popular, but always like an anchor to society. I know The Thing has joined the Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Human Torch is with the Inhumans. But where is Reed Richards and Sue Storm?

Could Sue Storm end up being the seemingly token MVP of the Ultimates support team? They could be going that way. Though please Marvel, don’t let the team die. You have a chance to breathe some fresh air into them. Don’t waste that.

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