Unreleased Crash Bandicoot Cartoon Arrives Online

Have you ever wondered why Naughty Dog hasn’t made a Crash Bandicoot game as of late? Well, it might be something to do with the fact that he may be dead. At least, that’s what happens to everyone’s favourite Bandicoot in this unreleased cartoon from the 90s.

Over the weekend a video appeared online showing off around a minute and a half of animated footage from a Crash Bandicoot cartoon that was unfortunately cancelled. Even more unfortunately no other information about the ‘toon was revealed so we have no idea what this was originally supposed to be.

The uploader of the footage did however add to the video’s description that the producer of the game, David Siller, gave them permission to upload the footage. It also adds that there may be more to come, suggesting that the show may have actually gone into production but just never appeared on TV, which is a shame.

It definitely has a Pinky and The Brain feel about it. Such a shame it never aired, I’d have watched the crap out of this.

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