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GQ did a photo shoot with current female comedienne flavor of the moment here in the States, Amy Schumer. But not just a photo shoot of her in pretty clothes, or against some fantastic city nightscape. Nope. Someone over there decided to think outside of the GQ box, to do something different. And immediately pissed off everyone.

The pictures that GQ and Schumer did were of Schumer with Star Wars characters in various sexually suggestive positions. Yes, you read that correctly. The cover shot is Schumer with C3PO’s finger in her mouth:

amy-shumer-star-wars-gqAnd later in the shoot, we have this wondrous gem of modern thinking that probably gets some people fired:

amyschumer-star-warsShe is also reportedly posed with a light saber in her mouth at some point as well. Predictably, as soon as GQ began tweeting these photos out to build hype for the issue, Star Wars fans had a conniption on social media.

Now before everyone gets pissed with Disney for allowing this, let’s be clear: They did not.

CaptureGQ didn’t have to get permission for the use of the characters in these photos. Why, you ask? Excellent question. Because legally, this shoot and its use of these beloved characters is considered a “parody”. Parodies don’t need legal permission to use copyrighted characters. So, GQ found a loophole and used it, and everyone hates them for it.

Way to go GQ. Way. To. Go.

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