Windows 10 is Already Installed on 14 Million PCs

On Wednesday the tech world got a little giddy for the release of Windows 10, and although it was meant to be a slow roll-out across a select few PCs, a shortcut was discovered which pushed the update to your computer immediately. Fortunately it didn’t cause any problems and so far Microsoft has seen 14 million installs of the new OS since July 29.

Microsoft has announced that over 14 million devices are running Windows 10, including larger PCs to smaller Surface tablets. But that number shows no sign of slowing down, as aside from those who forced the update, there’s still “many more upgrades to go,” says Windows marketing head Yusuf Mehdi in a blog post.

If you’re yet to get Windows 10 and have that little Windows icon in your notification bar, you can still sign up and reserve your free upgrade today. The upgrade will be available for free for an entire year, so if you don’t upgrade before then, you’ll have to fork out a little under £100 for a copy.

Those who do upgrade during the free period will have the OS free forever, including all subsequent updates.