Wreck-it Ralph

A sequel to Wreck-it-Ralph, the popular video game movie from Disney is in the works, at least that’s according to actor John C. Reilly who voiced the titular character in the original movie.

The confirmation however doesn’t come directly from Reilly, so it’s worth taking it with a pinch of salt for now. It actually comes via the Twitter account of producer Penny Hart of Irish radio program “RTE Arena.” It seems during an interview, Reilly confirmed that the movie is in the works and that he’ll be returning to the role of Ralph.

Though it’s not a direct confirmation from Reilly or Disney, it comes as no surprise as a sequel to the movie was talked about way before the first one arrived in 2012. The movie’s director, Rich Moore, has also stated that the second movie, if it were to happen, would likely see Ralph exploring the world of online and console gaming.

Apparently there has also been talks with Nintendo to bring some of its popular characters to the big screen including Mario, Luigi, Link, and Zelda. Again, this seems likely with Nintendo’s latest efforts to get their IP onto more things.

Once we hear more, we’ll keep you posted. Until then, we can only hope that a sequel is in the works.

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