Wreckfest Jump Starts with new Game Engine

If you’ve been wondering what the hell Bugbear Entertainment have been doing with their latest destruction derby title, Wreckfest, then you’re not the only one. After a brief period of silence, they’re back and with a new game engine in tow.

It seems Bugbear have been busy transitioning the game to a new engine which they’ve announced is now complete and available on Steam right now. Though the game shows no sign of coming out of Early Access any time soon.

In a press release, Bugbear said:

Thanks to our overhauled tire and suspension simulation model and the new next-generation DirectX 11 rendering engine you will be now able to enjoy more immersive racing experience than ever before, beautifully recreated with physically-based materials and lighting. We’ve also taken our vehicle damage simulation to the new level, so from now on you will be able to witness cars being brutally torn to pieces in unparalleled level of detail and quality.

In addition to a series of improvements on the overall destruction of vehicles, the engine has also been optimised to improve the experience found in the game’s 24-player multiplayer sessions.

There’s also a handful of new vehicles and tracks thrown in for good measure in addition to a series of other improvements based on feedback from the game’s community.

To celebrate the release of the new engine, Wreckfest is now on sale! To dive right into the game and begin smashing up vehicles, head to the Steam page to jump on board.