Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is Live! Here are All the Discounts

It’s that time of year again, that time where the price of games on the Xbox Marketplace drop considerably for some time. But what’s on sale this year? Well there’s some pretty good deals actually, even more so if you’re subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

So, you better clear your hard drive space, or alternatively purchase an external HDD as you’ll be filling it up somewhat if you decide to splash some cash this week. From Borderlands, to Battlefield, State of Decay to Geometry Wars, and much, much more.

So prepare your wallets, because here are all the deals for Xbox One: (note, the first percentage off is for non-Gold subscribers, the second is for Gold subscribers.

If that wasn’t enough, and for those still playing on the Xbox 360, there’s a ton of deals for you too! Find those below. (first number for non-Gold, second for Gold.

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