You Can Now Vote for your Next Disney Infinity Character

Up until now, the characters that appear in Disney’s sandbox game, Disney Infinity, has largely been up to Disney themselves. Along side a handful of classic characters, Disney has largely opted to release toys and characters for what’s currently popular, whether it’s Big Hero 6, The Avengers, Inside Out, and more recently, Star Wars.

But what about characters like Mowgli and Baloo? Characters like Kim Possible, Wall-E, and even Robin Hood? Well fortunately Disney are asking you to vote for the next Disney character to appear in the game, with all of the above included, and then some.

It’s called Disney Infinity Player’s Pick 2015 and from today fans of the series can choose which new character should be included in an upcoming edition of the game. Unfortunately, from the selection available there’s no real hint as to what the next edition will include, as there’s a mix of both classic and new Disney characters ripe for the picking.

So there are two ways in which you can choose who you want in Dinsey Infinity and that’s either by voting on the handy poll by clicking here (an image of the poll can be seen below). Alternatively you can head to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tell Disney who you want to see using the hashtag #OurDisneyInfinity and your top pick.

If you don’t see the character of your choice, you can always let them know any additional characters you’d like to see by commenting on the blog post.