Since its initial release in 2009, there have been seven games in the Bit.Trip series, ranging across the whole gaming platform spectrum. The games are an homage to the 80s retro era and feature glorious chiptune soundtracks.

Now the Bit.Trip series is getting a deluxe vinyl treatment from Iam8bit, and you’ll get more than just the soundtrack.

The extremely cool-looking limited-edition LP will feature eleven tracks from the seven Bit.Trip games, and will be pressed on a clear vinyl record featuring a rainbow bullseye pattern on both sides.  The white cover will be embossed and have some fancy gloss elements.

The package will also include download codes for the soundtracks of all seven games, as well as Steam keys for all the games themselves!

Bit.Trip Bit.TripIf you are interested in preordering, pop over to the IAm8Bit store tomorrow from 10am PDT.

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