It’s slowly making its way towards us. The Power Rangers movie is coming, slowly but surely. 2017 may seem ages away, but it will come quicker than another comic book movie announcement.

Speaking of comic books, and also mentioning the word tie in, quickly brings me to the subject of this article: Power Rangers comics. As you know, Boom Comics has acquired the rights to publish Power Rangers comics. Promising a faithful adaption, with a bit of a twist, is a bit of a cryptic summary of a cryptic..ish interview with the intended creative team. The thing some people probably didn’t know is that, Power Rangers had a lot of interesting folks in the road.

Some stories didn’t make it to fruition because of budget constraints and just the fact that it was a commercially naked enterprise, like, for example, the fact that Rita Repulsa was going to be defeated after so many episodes, but the show proved to be really popular and ran for much longer. Or like the unproduced season, which brought all the Power Rangers incarnations together and attempt to address all the various plot holes and unfinished stories from each series.

Today, I shall pitch to you why I’d like to see this story somehow make it into the comics. Do you remember VR Troopers? It was essentially a sister show from The Power Rangers, using footage from a couple of different live action Japanese superhero shows (the Metal Heroes to be precise, characters literally covered in metal costumes).

It lasted for two seasons and wasn’t as successful as The Power Rangers. The interesting thing is, the writers had actually intended for the two shows to exist in one shared continuity. How would they bring these two things together? Well, VR Trooper lead Ryan Steel was going to become one of the Power Rangers. Specifically he was going to become the Gold Zeo Ranger. This didn’t happen.

Why do I want this to happen? The VR Troopers did have an interesting rift with the bad rubber monster being a ruthless CEO at the same time and sometimes, shared universes can be fun. All these odd heroes existing in one big universe. Make it happen.

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