Butterfleye looks like a mouthful to pronounce, but it’s ridiculously simple, it’s just Butterfly with a silly spelling. Much like the name, Butterfleye is also ridiculously simple in terms of usability. Not only is it a high quality security camera, but its installation is effortless, and with its built-in memory, there’s no need to pay monthly fees to ensure your home is safe.

Butterfleye has been in development for two years and has finally reached the point where they can offer something in return for your help. The campaign launched on IndieGoGo at around this time yesterday, and already it’s smashed its original $100,000 goal three times over (maybe more).

Now, unlike most security cameras, the Butterfleye is smart. Like I mentioned, installation is easy, set up is simple, and it’s also super smart. This camera doesn’t just sit on record in the hopes that it’ll catch something, this camera waits for something, and then flips the record switch saving memory and providing footage exactly where it matters rather than an hour of an empty room.

Butterfleye uses Activity Based Recording™ (ABR) to record when sound or movement is detected, allowing it to save energy, storage, and bandwidth. So if someone comes-a-knocking, you can make sure that caravan isn’t rocking as you’ll receive a notification whenever someone is nearby.

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It not only notifies the user that someone or something is nearby, but it also provides the footage to go along with the notification meaning if next doors cat comes and poops in your bushes, you’ll know which little bugger did it, and you can plot your revenge.

When not in use, the Butterfleye rests in a lower power state allowing it to last weeks in between charges. It’s also completely cordless and WiFi enabled, with 12 hours of internal space, allowing you to record whenever, wherever, even if there’s no WiFi connection available.

Even more impressive, Butterfleye has intelligent motion detection meaning that it’ll actually only alert you when someone or something is nearby. It’ll ignore changes in light, trees swaying in the wind, and other things, like nosey neighbours twitching curtains (what are they looking at, anyway?)

Now the Butterfleye has smashed its funding goal, manufacturing can take place in time for the proposed shipment date of December, with a full retail release planned for 2016. If you still want to ensure you’re one of the first to grab their own Butterfleye, you can head to the IndieGoGo campaign and secure yours for just $199 plus shipping.

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