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One of the UK’s largest mobile phone retailers, the Carphone Warehouse, has admitted that their servers have been compromised and that 2.4 million people could be affected. Out of that figure, around 90,000 encrypted credit card numbers may have also been stolen.

News surfaced last week about this hack with more details slowly slipping out as time has passed. According to the Carphone Warehouse a “sophisticated attack” on their servers was discovered by the company on August 5 but didn’t inform customers until August 8.

The company has promised that they have been working “intensively” to discover the severity of the breach and have revealed that 2.4 million people may be affected with a possible 90,000 credit card details also being compromised.

The 2.4 million accounts which have been breached include the names, addresses, dates of birth, and bank details of customers. Those affected have apparently been contacted by email.

The hack wasn’t just limited to Carphone Warehouse customers, as it also hit TalkMobile, TalkTalk Mobile, and the company’s own iD Mobile phone network. Sites also affected are, and

Parent company of Carphone Warehouse, Dixons Carphone, has confirmed that no information from Currys, PCWorld, and Dixons Travel have been acquired in the breach.

Carphone Warehouse has urged customers to keep tabs on their online accounts and bank statements for any suspicious activity. No other information has been offered pertaining to customers who may have evidence of suspicious activity.

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