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Did you know that way back in 2004 there were plans to reboot the Thief franchise which was set to include a more modern day setting and the ability to cross-over into a mysterious and deadly spirit world? According to an Eurogamer report, this new game was pitched to Eidos, but was sadly cancelled before anything solid could materialise.

The game, which was titled Thief 4: Dagger of Ways, was the creation of Thief: Deadly Shadows developer Ion Storm, this game, although named as if it was a sequel, was actually a reboot of the series not unlike the 2013 reboot, but unlike that game, this one took the series in a completely different direction. Instead of the unnamed medieval city filled with oil lamps, this new world would be filled with derelict stores, neon lights, and resemble aspects of US cities like Los Angeles, Boston, and New York among other places.

Although the game seemed to have the same core concept of the previous Thief games, there was a new aspect to Thief 4: Dagger of Ways, a new aspect which turned the game into more of a Devil May Cry affair, than a traditional Thief title. This new feature had something to do with the titular Dagger, and according to the report, The Dagger of Ways would allow Garett to enter a ghostly spirit world which he could use to avoid confrontation and breeze past areas which were otherwise difficult to pass through.

There’s one caveat though, this spirit world, or wreath realm as it’s being called, lurks danger and is more deadlier than the living world. This realm becomes increasingly riskier to enter as players progress through the game and kill more people, as their spirits enter this world making it denser and just as awkward to pass through.

Garett would have had the ability to pass in and out of both worlds allowing him to get through certain areas quicker than remaining in a single realm, he was also set to get a handful of wraith-like abilities, though details of which are pretty thin. Though they did detail that modern-day weapons, like semi-automatic guns and more, could be used in the game, but were no match for the beings found in the spirit world.

The report is pretty in-depth and hears a number of details from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. It’s a pretty good read, but ultimately the game was shut down and remained as nothing more than a pitch. The team was lead by Dishonored’s Harvey Smith at the time, and following his departure, that’s when things went downhill for this proposed reboot. There’s no word on whether Smith’s departure caused this, but what could have been, sadly will never be.

Read the full report over on Eurogamer for much more detail.


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