Now here’s a conundrum. I want a quadcopter, but not any quadcopter, I want one with all of the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, I also don’t want to spend almost a grand in order to get one that I’ll likely fly into a tree and ruin 5 minutes after getting it out of the box.

That’s why DJI has unveiled a brand new version of its Phantom 3 which is set to join the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional: The Phantom 3 Standard. This model comes at a lower price and a bunch of features to ensure amateur pilots, like myself, don’t send it hurtling into a tree.

It’ll still cost you £649, but it’s a lot cheaper than the £899 and £1,159 for the other two models. This price point will offer you a decent drone but it will also come without some of the more sought after features of its more expensive bretherin such as downward facing camera, LightBridge video downlionk, and no connectivity to the GLONASS satellite positioning system.

What you do get however, is a device more comparable to the DJI Vision 2+ but with a much better camera, better range, and longer battery life. There’s also an improved controller and integrated remote that removes the need for the external Wi-Fi rage extender. You’ll also be able to use the apps designed for the Phantom 3.

If however you have the ability to splash that extra £250, it’s definitely worth it as the features that come with the Advanced model would make your flying experience much better.


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