driveclub 11

DriveClub, the gorgeous driving sim from Evolution Studios, will be getting continued support for the next year, the developers have revealed. This will include both new features as well as content.

Though the game had a fairly rocky start, everything promised for the game has finally been made available, that’s including the free PlayStation Plus version of the game. But despite having been available for almost a year, Evolution Studios have no plans to stop any time soon.

The Studio has announced today that post-launch support will continue for another year with a huge number of features already in the works. This is expected to continue to roll out on a month per month basis, with features such as custom multiplayer lobbies, difficulty options, extra photomode options, and much more planned for the not so distant future.

To celebrate this announcement, Evolution Studios is offering double XP for owners of both the full game and the PS Plus Edition. This offer is live right now and runs until this coming Monday (August 24).

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