Did you know the Fantastic Four has consisted of more than just the Human Torch, Mr Fantastic, The Thing and The Invisible Woman? So, if they ever decided to quit, or if a certain movie studio couldn’t get the rights back, who could replace them?

Fifty years of continuity comes with lots of different stories. Some even involved some of the Fantastic Four members leaving the team briefly, for various reasons.

So which characters could Marvel Studios use if they don’t secure The Fantastic Four rights, which are already established in their cinematic universe? I have a few ideas.

Ant-Man: Scott Lang has filled in twice for The Fantastic Four. The burglar-turned-hero has made his Marvel Universe debut, and since the Avengers roster is a bit huge it will surely be trimmed after the Infinity War is over.

Spider-man: Peter Parker originally attempted to join The Fantastic Four in his early days, just so he had friends in a big world and a source of income. Of course, they said no. But this situation did lead to Marvel’s first What If? comic, a comic which would examine what would happen in the Marvel Universe if things went a little differently. In this case, Spider-man did join the Fantastic Four and it became the Fantastic Five. Then Sue Storm left. Meanwhile in the mainstream universe, when Johnny Storm temporarily died, Spider-man did replace him.

Crystal: The spouse of Johnny Storm and Magneto’s white haired spawn, Quicksilver. Crystal is one of the Inhumans and has the power over the elements. She’s filled in with the team from time to time. Plus, it balances out the girl to boy ratio, almost.

She-Hulk: The cousin of Bruce Banner who gained the powers of a sentient Hulk when she had to give her cousin an emergency blood transfusion.  She filled in for The Thing after he became incapacitated. She has all the power of The Hulk, but she retains her personality after she transforms.

Have I missed anyone who could the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Universe? Won’t be called the Fantastic Four, for legal reasons of course!

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Medusa and Luke Cage and Namor and Black Panther all have close ties too.

Maybe avoid the inhumans for now, they can be villains for a while., so my Fab Four would be Ant-Man Scott Lang, She Hulk, Black Panther, Namor. That way you have a shape shifter, a hero with flight, a super strong woman and a guy who is sneaky.