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Move aside Chris Evans and co. The Fantastic Four need a job, looks like they’ll need to take yours. So move aside and let’s make the Fantastic Four… fantastic.

So, by now, it’s really clear the new Fantastic Four film has been a huge dud, it even looks like Marvel could be finally get one over on Fox as they could be on the start of the road of getting their toys back.

When they awesome foursome does turn back up in the Marvel Universe. They may find it tough to do some superheroing. I mean they’ll have to compete with the huge roster of Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, Inhumans, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Spider-man and Howard The Duck.

Meanwhile, the BBC has some job vacancies. Top Gear, a motoring show, has had its current hosts vacate over some misconduct. See BBC, I’ve sorted out your problem. The Fantastic Four should present Top Gear.

What should they do different? Well, let’s make it broader. Instead of just talking about cars, how about building vehicles and gadgets that benefit the greater good? Things like: eco green cars, portable teleporters and smartphones with decent phone batteries.

Though, what role will each of the Fantastic Four fulfil? Well I’ve got some ideas…

Reed Richards AKA Mr Fantastic: Reed is a bit clumsy in social situations, let’s face it. Not lead presenter material. He’s the brains of the operation. The guy building the engines fuelled on cola. Maintaining the Human Torch robot that used to hang around with Captain America.

Johnny Storm AKA The Human Torch: The Stig and Co-presenter, of course. The dude has charisma and would seemingly appear to be a charmer with his track record with women. Also, we need a tame racing driver; Johhny has shown a fascination for cars in the past too.

Sue Storm AKA The Invisible Woman: The common sense member of the team. A sly dark horse. Sneaking under the radar with her powers and all. She’d always surprise in the feature challenge segments.

Ben Grimm AKA The Thing: All those contraptions take up a lot of space. The blue eyed thing could get his workout bashing his frustrations out on all those gadgets and wheels that have had outlived their use.

Don’t like these picks? Check out some of my other choices, and tell me what yours would be!

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