So, this Summer we’ve got a movie blockbuster battle between The Avengers and The Fantastic Four. How will that be determined, with numbers of course. The most logical way to determine the victor in this situation it would seem.

As you may know, last week I brushed off my old Top Trump cards to determine to some debated fights between characters. Like Spider-man vs. Doctor Octopus. Top Trump cards are a series of card games with five categories, each rated with numbers. Whichever card has the highest number wins.

So say you’re playing with the Star Wars cards. When playing two cards against each other like Anakin Skywalker vs. Luke Skywalker. Say in the category of strength. If Luke is 25 and Anakin is 19. So Luke wins.

So today, I’m pitting the top two Marvel superhero teams against each other. The Avengers vs. The Fantastic Four. With the movie coming out this week, I thought we might as well get the caped elephant out of the room.

What are the rules? It’s a four on four fight, equal number. It has to a be recognised line up (no temp team ups) The winner is the team or card with the highest total of numbers.

So, to the line up. We have the standard line up for the Fantastic Four. Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, The Thing and The Invisible Woman.

For The Avengers. Captain America, Ironman and Thor, the trinity of The Avengers. The fourth? Black Widow, in my deck of cards, it was a choice between Hawkeye and Black Widow. It was decided by the classic deduction of eenie meenie miney mo.

So without any more delay. Here are the heroes who united against a threat no one hero could deal with and the explorers of the cosmic:


And The Fantastic Four:

Fantastic Four

There you have it, It’s simple maths folks. With all the numbers added together. You have the winner. With a total of 1,321 against,1,209. The Avengers clinch it. Taking down Marvels First Family with simple addition.

Who could be next? Is this winner stays on? Will I be writing about the Fantastic Four movie next? Come back next week to find out.

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