GameStop have published a study that reveals that many gamers own games that they just don’t play any more and won’t trade-in. The study claims that two out of five gamers have around $200 worth of games lying around that could be traded-in as they are just left unplayed.

The study published on was carried out by asking around 400 people aged 25 to 54 a serious of questions which gave the following results.

The report claims that 92 percent of gamers own at least one game that they no longer play, with 38 percent owning between 10 and 20 games that they no longer play. The study aims to show just how much cash gamers could be sitting on, simply by not trading in their games. Kyle Leonard, vice president of GamesStop’s Trade and Pre-Owned Business said:

Pre-owned games have value and can be traded at GameStop for cash or in-store credit. The sooner the games are traded, the more money they are worth and the faster customers can use that cash or in-store credit toward the purchase of the next game they want to play.

Additionally the study also points out that around 88 percent of people reported that they made a purchase that they later regret. 40 percent claimed this was due to being caught up in the hype for the game, the second highest figure was due to a bad recommendation which made up 30 percent, 11 percent just spent way too much money, and finally, 3 percent reported they had lost and found discs in their washing machines, now ruined – I’m not even sure how that happens.

An interesting point I’ve found in the study is that it focused on disc-based games over digital. Of course you can’t currently trade in digital games so there was really no need for GameStop to include them, but I do wonder how much higher these numbers would be with the many games in gamer’s Steam library they haven’t touched. It’s food for thought.

Have you traded in games? Do you have a pile at home you won’t trade in? Let us know what you think about all this in the comments below.

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