One day I think all previous actors who’ve been put in the role of certain superheroes and were re-cast after the franchises were rebooted, will get together and make a superhero movie of their own. I mean we’ve already got two Spider-mans (Spider-men?), a handful of Batman’s (Batmen?) and a couple of Superman’s (Supermen?) knocking around.

Until that one wonderful day however, we’ve got a new Spider-man to contend with. So, what to do with poor Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire? These two webbed wonders weren’t the problem with their respective franchises, they just happened to be in the chamber of the misfire of a film they were in.

Shouldn’t we help the spider-dudes out and give them something to do? Well don’t worry, this lazy fanfiction script writer is at it again, so check it out.

After the first Spider-man film has dealt with the wonderful third act and is winding down with a soft warm-down exercise to bring the film to a satisfying conclusion we have ‘Peter Parker’ unmasking at home and saying something along the lines of “I love being Spider-man, and being Peter Parker is okay… I guess”

Then, we hear out of shot a stone cold voice saying “The thing is though, you’re neither, I’m Peter Parker.” The new Spider-man turns around to see Andrew Garfield standing behind him in his Spider-man costume.

We freeze for a lame dramatic pause and next we hear “Well, both of you are you wrong!” Then who walks into shot? Tobey Maguire, and the film finishes.

So, what’s that conclusion all about? Well, what if all the previous Spider-man franchises were clones? Each one comes from a different era and somehow outlived their use?

Maybe all the supporting casts like Aunt May and Uncle Ben and the love interests were actually undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agents? All of which were designed to catalyst the clone to become Spider-man and deal with whatever street level threat hit New York.

Who was the original Spider-man? Well, we could save that for another sequel. Why were there two Green Goblins? Well, that could be left to another sequel too since I don’t have the answer for that yet.

My clone theory should definitely be considered though.

What do you think, Marvel?

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