Amiibo collectors get your wallets ready, because Nintendo has announced that the Mewtwo amiibo is on the way!

Yes, the awesome psychic Pokemon, genetically-engineered by Pokemon scientists, will be arriving in amiibo form across Europe on October 23 (and in Australia the following day). The announcement was made during this week’s Gamescom and confirmed via the official Nintendo Twitter feed.

As with the rest of the amiibo collection (now standing at over 80 strong, not including the Animal Crossing amiibo cards), you can use the Mewtwo amiibo to add extra features to certain Nintendo WiiU and 3DS games, such as Super Smash Bros.  The Mewtwo amiibo will complement the DLC for Super Smash Bros. that was released some months back.

Are you an avid amiibo collector? How many do you have? So far I’m up to 19, not including all the new ones I have preordered. I haven’t even used any – they are still in their boxes; I am just addicted to having them. Nintendo sure hit a gold mine with these things, didn’t they!

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