When someone talks about post-support, that usually means some sort of DLC or expansion release that’ll likely cost gamers a ton, especially if they wanted to get all they can out of the game. When Need for Speed launches this November however, Ghost Games has a much different plan, we think…

This new “full reboot” of the Need for Speed series, is going to get “pretty significant” plans in place to keep the game fresh for a long time, something the Need for Speed series has lacked beyond a yearly refresh.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Ghost Games executive producer Marcus Nilsson, explained some of the reasons behind this decision. Unfortunately he didn’t go into any details as to the specifics of the support.

I want Need for Speed to modernize. I want Need for Speed to not feel like a November 3 title every year. I want it to be a game that people embrace, they keep it for longer and play it for longer, and that’s something that Need for Speed needs to achieve because it’s not happening right now.

With that, Nillsson explained that Ghost Games are looking at other ways beyond car pack DLC as a way to keep players hooked.

We have pretty significant plans of what we think will work and I think the story that you see in this game can effectively help to keep you in there, as well as many other ways that we can refresh and renew content for you throughout.

Need for Speed launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and contains five ways to in which the player can experience the games already adding a ton of replayability to the upcoming title. That and the seamless blend of live-action and in-game vehicles makes the new Need for Speed definitely one to watch this year.

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