Apparently this news isn’t brand new but I didn’t know about it until now, so I’m excited. A new Predator movie by Shane Black has been in the works for some time (over a year from what I can gather).  Given the time the project had been going on, there had been some speculation as to whether it would go ahead or not. Well, today it was revealed that it is definitely still happening and producer John Davis has plenty of positive things to say about it. “I’ve read a lot of his script and I think it’s genius,” said Davis in a recent Collider article.

The script is being co-written with Fred Dekker, who wrote the script for Iron Man 3, and, according to Davis, “the writing is so fresh, the perspective is so fresh”. Davis expects fans and viewers are really going to love the direction the film takes.

Details on the film are fairly scarce, but it will be a sequel to the other Predator movies, rather than a reboot of the original. I don’t expect we’ll be seeing Schwarzenegger (or Glover) in the new flick, but it’s always been more about the Predators themselves for me. Those are some awesome (but ugly) mother….s.

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