You might have missed it earlier this month, but popular toys-to-life video game, Skylanders, is getting its own competitive trading card game in the form of Skylanders Battlecast bringing physical cards to life right before your eyes.

This new free-to-play mobile title will blend the best of Hearthstone with the collectivity of Skylanders in one neat package where players can battle online with friends and take their cards into the single player campaign to really put their collection to the test.

Using physical cards which players can buy at retail as well as digital cards, players can build the ultimate deck for battle using a team of their favourite heroes. With the physical cards however, that’s when the magic happens, as players scan their cards into the game, and watch them come to life. Scan two cards at the same time and players can also watch animated duels which they can interact with right on the screen.

This seems like a perfect way to get younger players into the collectible trading card battler scene without being too overwhelming. It likely also prepares them for a more hardcore experience found in Hearthstone, so there’s that too.

Skylanders Battlecast is expected to come to the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store in 2016.



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