Don’t you just hate that when you want to watch something on your TV, you have to find the remote, pick up the archaic device, and choose the channel you want to watch. How bad is that? Fortunately TouchJet are back with a completely new device which turns your TV into a touch screen, just like your smartphone or tablet.

Available on IndieGoGo right now, the TouchJet WAVE is a pretty simple device which simply sits on top of your television and voila! your boring touch-less 42-inch television is now a glorious 42-inch free-standing tablet.

But hold on there. Before you get excited about poking Ken Barlow’s face, you might want to know a little more about how it works…

Unfortunately the TouchJet WAVE doesn’t actually turn your ordinary bog-standard TV into an actual touch screen. The little device, which sits on top of your TV acts as a sensor which uses infra-red sensors to detect finger movements. You simply plug the device into a HDMI port on your telly, clip the TouchJet WAVE sensor on top, then switch to the HDMI channel to launch the device.


Essentially, it turns your TV into a giant Android tablet which comes with various apps already installed such as Netflix and Hulu. There’s also a companion app for those who’d rather just sit back and relax while the TouchJet WAVE does its thing.

Because it runs Android it also means that Google Play is available out of the box so you can download things like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and more, and play them right on your television. It’s also great for practical use too such as showing off those boring spread sheets as well as allowing teams to show off interactive 3D models right on the screen.

In terms of specifications, the device works on TV’s from 20″ to 60″ powered by a 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 1GB RAM. It also comes with 8GB Flash Storage.

TouchJet are looking to secure $95,000 in crowdfunding, and you can bag your own TouchJet WAVE at a special introductory price of $149, which isn’t bad considering that it’s not just limited to televisions, as long as there’s a HDMI port and a flat display, you can turn any television or monitor into a touch-screen device.


So, if you’re keen to turn your boring old touchless TV into something magical, head to IndieGoGo now to grab your own TouchJet WAVE.

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